Safe Neighborhood...

Public safety should always be a foremost priority of all elected officeholders.

I was honored to serve as a Virginia Beach prosecutor (Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney), where I worked hand in hand with our brave officers in the law enforcement community to get criminals off our streets and in prison. During my time in the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney, I handled over 600 criminal cases and worked tirelessly keep Virginia Beach families safe and secure from violent criminals. Most importantly, I understand that for the victims of violent crimes, making sure that their attacker is put in prison is just one step in the road of healing and recovery.

After the May 31st shooting in Virginia Beach, I placed people over politics and introduced an innovative Extreme Risk Protective Order which would enable law enforcement and our judicial system, if someone is suffering with several mental illness and is deemed a "severe threat" to themselves or others, to deny them access to firearms. This legislation both serves to balance our constitutional due process protections while also providing much needed public safety protections keeping firearms out of the hands of the violently mentally ill.

I am proud in the General Assembly to advance legislation to protect women and the most vulnerable by enhancing the penalties for stalkers, including serving as a co-patron on legislation that provides that a second offense of stalking committed within five years of a prior stalking conviction is punishable as a Class 6 felony.
Virginia Beach remains one of the safest cities of its size in the country and that is not by chance. It is due to the dedication of our brave men and women in law enforcement and the work of so many of my friends in the Virginia Beach Office of Commonwealth's Attorney. I'm proud to have the endorsement and support of so many in the law enforcement community and to continue to be their ally in Richmond.

Keeping our schools, neighborhoods and communities safe from violent gangs and drug dealers is critical to building a safer, more prosperous Virginia Beach.

In 2016, Forbes released an article stating that more Americans have died from drug overdose than car crashes. The devastation Fentanyl, Heroin and opiate addiction has had on families in Hampton Roads, many of whom I know personally, is heartbreaking.

In the General Assembly, I have introduced legislation enhancing penalties for drug dealers, has been highlighted by WAVY-10 for my legislation requiring opiate prescriptions to become electronic to cut down on prescription drug abuse, and for advocating for increased state services to combat this problem impacting Virginia.